Lake Champlain Phosphorus Reduction in New York

EPA 2007 Targeted Watersheds Grant Program

Lake Champlain Phosphorus Reduction in New York
This $1.87 million funded project ($900,000 EPA dollars) addresses multiple issues,constituencies, and land uses as follows:

Agricultural Management: Barnyard water management, livestock stream exclusions, riparian buffers, and manure storage systems.

Urban Stormwater: Retrofitting highly developed road corridors with pre-treatment and infiltration programs.

Roadside Erosion Control: Watershed-wide hydroseeding of road ditches and banks, working with over 50 highway departments.

Stream Corridors: Large-scale stabilization of stream and riverbanks to reduce erosion and high sediment loads.

Onsite Wastewater: Cost-shared septic system pumpouts, water conservation kits, and education for near-shore homeowners at risk.

Innovative Tertiary Treatment: Assisting with the construction of a community sewer system using a locally-mined mineral called wollastonite which cost effectively adsorbs phosphorus.